Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trans Fat's the way to be!

Many of us use convenience products in our daily life whether it's a frozen meal for lunch , perhaps a granola bar on the way to the office, or a bag of chips from the vending machine for an afternoon pick-me-up. The truth is life is busy and this does not leave much time for us to think about what we're eating let alone stop and criticize the ingredients. Well, maybe it's time to take a closer look at those trusty little food labels! Food companies sometimes add in things to our on-the-go meals and snacks that may be hurting our health. Lindsay and I are constantly checking ingredients on labels....I guess you might call us detectives! We're uncovering the truth about those ingredients starting with a little thing called Trans Fat.
Trans fats found their way into our food supply because they prolong the shelf life of foods made with oils. You may think you are in the clear because you only eat oatmeal and granola bars for breakfast, but guess're not. Trans fats can be found in everything from granola bars, microwaveable popcorn, and peanut butter. It can clog our arteries all the same as Saturated fats (those found mainly in meats and cheese). Packaged foods can often times be misleading saying "Trans fat free". The truth is if you see the word "Hydrogenated" in the ingredients there is trans fat in that food item. So, the next time you in the grocery check out those ingredients. I guarantee you will be surprised!
This may also give incentive to choose to bring your own snacks from home that you know are clear of this type of fat. As always, the more natural the food the better. Fresh fruits and vegetables have always been and will always be trans fat hidden truth!

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