Friday, December 4, 2009

Out to Dinner

Before I head to a restaurant I like to go online and check out the menu. This way I can go ahead and find the healthiest choice and check out the nutritionals (if their available). This helps when your table side in the midst of everyone ordering (even though you weren't ready) and will keep you from making a last minute decision on a meal that probably was fat-filled, calorie laden and would have cancelled out the calories you burned on your 30 minute run!

Remember healthier cuisine is found labeled as grilled, roasted, braised, broiled or baked meat, vegetables steamed, dressings on the side (non-creamy that is) and possibly start with a tomato or non-creamy soup (this may help fill you up). When you get your meal split it in half, eat half and take the rest home!

You don’t have to sabotage your routine just because you go out to a restaurant. You can make it ALMOST as healthy as eating at home under your own watchful eye. Don’t be scared to say no butter, ask for things on the side or ask how things are cooked!

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