Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fast Food: The Quick Tips

Eating out doesn't have to be as hard as we make are a couple of quick tips [I use] for cutting calories when enjoying our favorite fast food eats…

Pizza- opt for thin crust and load up on the veggies!

Hamburger joints- have the plain burger, skip the cheese and special sauce

Chinese food- stick with steamed items (steer clear of anything labeled "crispy," that's a MAJOR red flag), ask for sauces on the side. Sometimes the local take-out spots have a “healthier dishes” on their menu

Mexican- "Say no" to chips and salsa, sometimes a simple chicken taco is good. Using salsa for dressings on salads instead of regular dressings (they carry tons of fat). Salsa is naturally fat free and has tons of veggies in it!

Remember most restaurants have nutrition labeling online…be sure to check it out to avoid the dietary disasters! Eating out can be done…even when we are watching our weight!

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