Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stick with it

Dear New Year Resolution-Maker's,

I commend you for, first of all, making a New Year resolution and second of all, starting the New Year strong, making sure that you stick with your new routine. I am sure that you, like 10 million other Americans are hoping for your New Year to be a "New You!" Well, so far I can tell your working hard; you have congested my gym, stolen my step spot in class and officially saturated my cardio equipment with your sweat [aka drippy calories].

So, if you’re going to go as far as stealing my bike in spin class…let’s at least try and stick with this new routine for longer than the first couple of months. Believe me; come bathing suit season…you will be thanking yourself for baring the cold and getting your rear to the gym!

Make me proud my fellow health fanatics!

Yours in Health,

Smart Snacker

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