Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Educating the Community

Hey guys!
Yesterday I did a lesson for a "Biggest Loser" church group in Nash County. I spoke about portion control with a plug about helpful eating out tips!

*The group participation was great!

I love this topic…for me understanding proper portion sizes are the foundation to learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. You could be eating an enormous portion of something “healthy” and you still wouldn’t be doing your body justice. Going back to “food for fuel,” understanding when your body is full and not pushing the limit…or busting your belt for that matter!

Measuring up!
A handy way to portion some of your favorite foods:

3 oz portion of meat= deck of cards
Piece of medium fresh fruit= tennis ball
1 cup of raw vegetables= light bulb
bagel or piece of bread= the size of a CD

I started the program off by asking someone to pour their "usual" bowl of cereal out...we then portioned out the correct serving size (1 cup)...she has been munching on 4 times that! I heard a ton of "oow's and aww's" and GASPS!! Gets 'em every time!!

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