Friday, April 23, 2010


Hello, Hello! I just got in from my rpm-plus class. Just a little recap- it's a 60-minute cardio-muscle strength and endurance building, calorie scorching workout! It has tons of great coreography and mixed with the high-energy from the's a workout that you cannot miss!

So, in this workout tonight, according to my polar heart rate monitor, I burned a whopping 750 calories [cool-down included]! WOW! and man do I FEEL a 100 bucks :)

You know I am only human too, even this healthy lifestyle preacher has trouble, believe it or not, and so often times I find myself struggling with my weight, looking for extra motivation and ultimately, a gym buddy! 
That's why I choose classes like this rpm-plus class. Group fitness at your local gym is a great way to stay motivated!
-You have a ton of "workout buddies." Everyone is working just as hard as you are, keep up the hard work...don't be the only one who gives up!
-Get to know your instructors. For me this is a huge motivator; they know my name and start to look for me; now they hold me accountable when I tell them..."See you tomorrow!" (at least I like to think so)
-The great music keeps me going and keeps my mind off the pain. I have started singing along, it makes it more fun and it really flies by...and I know I'm not the only one singing ;)
-You burn a TON of calories. Proof shown above...I didn't do that on my own, with the high-energy of my classmates I pushed myself and was able to burn those calories!

With a little accountability, motivation and determination, you WILL meet your goal! Do it today!

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