Monday, April 26, 2010

'Skinny Fat'

On the Today Show this morning they had a 'Skinny Fat' segment (check out the segment below). It touches on the importance of staying healthy by consuming a healthful diet and maintaining a physical activity regimen. Kind of like one of my first posts, with an emphasis on the inside as oppose to the outside of your body. I am a true advocate of this 'Skinny Fat' revelation.

People start to get flushed with numbers [when thinking about weight management]; on the scale, Body Mass Index, Clothes sizes but maybe these numbers arn't the true tell all when it comes to your disposition of developing obesity related health conditions (i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure, etc).

You may be within the healthy weight range (Body Mass Index- 18.5-24.9) however, be aware: some people fit into this category but pose a threat for weight-related problems because their body fat is higher than muscle mass. A number that may be of more concern is your body fat percentage.

Case in point: your weight on the scale may not always be the best indicator for your health. Check other numbers like your body fat percentage (Women body fat percentage recommendation is below 25% and men is below 18%)

Along with body fat percentage another number to familiarize yourself with is your waist measures. According to the American Dietetic Association, health risks go up as waist size increases. Current recommendations: Women: waist is equal to or below 35 inches, Men: equal to or below 40 inches

Segment: Woman fights ‘skinny fat’
April 26: TODAY’s diet expert Joy Bauer shares one woman’s battle to trim her unhealthy body fat percentage, despite her healthy appearance.

Special Birthday today...Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. Great news many people aren't aware that you can be "skinny" but still "fat" (unhealthy).

  2. Thanks for including the clip from the Today show, great information!