Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Folate, Zinc & Fiber...LEGUMES!

yes, I said it, Folate, Zinc & Fiber...just a couple of the nutrients found in powerful little legumes. Legumes are plants with double seamed pods and single rows of seeds. Some examples of legumes are: lentils, peas, soybeans, peanuts and dried beans). Legumes are often dubbed the meat alternative, a frequent staple for those eating a vegetarian diet or those who like a variety of protein. Legumes, nuts and seeds are storehouses of nutrients and are extremely rich in protein.

Picture courtesy of, my camera is acting wacky!

Legumes have about two times the protein per serving of fortified cereal and half as much protein as it's lean meat counterparts. They are naturally low in fat (except peanuts and soybeans), high in phosphorus, have some iron as well as, folate, zinc & fiber [as mentioned above]! 1/2 cup of legumes = 4 -10 grams of fiber! Legumes are also a cholesterol free food made of complex carbohydrates suggesting that they maybe a heart healthy dish!...I think the only downside could be it's possible side effect of flatulence...yipes! You weigh the pros and cons here ;)

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