Saturday, July 3, 2010

"The best you'll ever get..."

Hello, Hello! How's all the weekend splurging, hanging with friends/family and kickin' back relaxing going? It's going good over here, no need to worry about me ;)
Today I spent the whole morning at the local State Park (more on that later), needless to say, it was a looong, interesting morning; filled with tons of exercise and sunburnt skin!

After my long morning I met Mom and Dad at a local crab shack for a great MD Crab Cake sure was a treat! It was dubbed "The best you'll ever get..." so obviously, I could NOT turn that down!

We planned on a home cooked meal on the grill tonight for dinner, so we needed to stop on the way home for a couple of extra know we wouldn't go anywhere else but the local market...

"The best you'll ever get..." served as a great saying for the day...we found some awesome things at the Farmer's Market. From fresh baked oatmeal bread and local blueberries to homemade sweets and other delicious treats!
Aside from all the great treats, we found these local peaches. I was SO excited when I found the sweet smelling ripe peaches, I thought they would totally be "The best you'll ever get..." I was WAY OFF! Soft and juicy but lacking ALL flavor. We are going to try grilling them later; hoping it will bring the flavor out...otherwise it's an ultimate flop!

Peaches have been a real challenge this year, anyone else found this to be the case as well? The only peaches that are chomp and ahhh are the peaches from a local orchard, O'Keefe's, up the street from my childhood home in MD.
I'll have to have Mom ship them down?...I have some serious issues to figure out... ;)

Happy 4th to all! Stay tuned for the Local Park won't want to miss this one!


  1. I went to food lion last week and got some amazing peaches- AMAZING- which is usually not the case when you buy from the grocery store, especially from the one near NC State.