Friday, August 20, 2010

Fresh Friday

Today was one Freeesh Friday!
It was a fresh one simply because the end of my work day looked like this...
Yes, I was pratically swimming in fresh fruits and vegetables!
Look at all the great colors and varieties of peppers and eggplant.
Peaches, blueberries, apples, pears, cucumber, pickling cucumber, an assortment of peppers, melons, okra and tomatoes. Ugh, hello, variety!
I love having opportunities like this to buy all different sorts of fruits and vegetables. New options to try and of course, a chance to stock up on some of my old favs.

Smart Snacker Soap-box: I really believe that if you have a variety of colors on your plate during your meals you not only have a more appealing dish but more importantly, you are getting a wide-range of nutrients that are otherwise supplemented.
Make a rainbow on your plate- blue/purple, green, white/brown, yellow, orange and red; You won't have any trouble getting your recommended servings of fruits/vegetables for the day.

Why eat more fruits and vegetables? Well, because I said so! They can make great additions to meals, are low calorie, fiber filled snacks, may fight some diseases, quick, convenient, contain vitamins and minerals and most importantly, are all natural!

Check out our current dietary guidelines for Americans providing our recommended daily servings of major food groups. These will be replaced with the 2010 recommendations once published!

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