Monday, August 23, 2010

Guest Blog

Hey guys, I would like to introduce to you, my friend Ashley Bailey, she too is an RD-candidate; she was so kind to share one of her new finds with me and I thought it'd be a nice treat and change if she'd go ahead and share with you too! Check it out...

Product: Buddy Fruits…Pure Blended Fruit to Go!
Buddy Fruits are a cool new find on the grocery store shelves. Marketed towards on-the-go eating, this all natural, no sugar added fruit is a true treat! Great for kids and adults alike, this new innovation makes meeting your 5-a-Day fruit and vegetable serving goal a lot easier! It has a re-sealable screw top, making it ideal for lunch boxes, car trips, and eating on the run. No refrigeration needed either (except after opening)!! It comes in several different fruit combination flavors and has no preservatives, additives, colorings, or anything else artificial and unnecessarily added.
I tried the Apple & Strawberry Buddy Fruits and was pleasantly surprised!! After getting over the fact that I was eating my applesauce out of a squeeze tube, it was tasty and fun! I think this would be perfect for kids and something a little different for everyone to try. The combination of apples and strawberries gives it a sweet, but tart flavor. It was a lot of fun to eat!!
Nutritionally, each pouch contains one serving of fruit and just 60 calories. No fat, very little sodium, and 15 grams of carbs, this snack really adds up! Ingredient list: apple, strawberry, blackcurrant juice, and concentrated apple juice---hard to find products like these on the shelves these days! This particular pouch was $0.89 at Harris Teeter. There was also a 4 pack available for $2.50.

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