Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oakville Grocery

First post of the Napa recap: It really helped that I had been to Napa before. This time I knew exactly where I wanted to go and had a pretty good idea of where things were. It is also nice going with a crowd of people that are easy to travel with, down for whatever and know a thing or two about the stretch of wineries down 29.

One place we checked out last year and made it a point to return to this year was Oakville Grocery.
It's a fun little market place with fine wines and cheeses, pre-made and made to order snacks, salads and sandwiches, an espresso bar among other things.
We love checking the place out - we usually buy a couple of things to have a "at home happy hour." Now they have this cute local and organic farm stand out front.
Heading to Napa?...check it out :)

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