Tuesday, November 17, 2009

…So I ate the Birthday Cake!

Every dog has his day and every dietitian has hers! You know…we are only human, WE HAVE CRAVINGS TOO! It all boils down to that one word we always hear…”Moderation!” As much as you might not trust it…it’s so TRUE!

Yes, I ate a piece of my confetti birthday cake but I didn’t let it make me feel guilty, instead I just knew that the next day I would just need to ‘pay the price’ by running an extra 15 minutes on the treadmill/ elliptical, taking the stairs a couple more times in the office or even park further away in the parking lot.

We can have treats if we know how to limit our portion size and just get back on track with our healthy habits. After all, there are studies that show if you are craving something, go ahead and eat it because if you don’t you’ll just eat everything in sight until you finally get your hands on it…and unfortunately, by then, you’ve eaten an extra 500 calories instead of that 350 calories of cake...opps, too late!

Looking for other ways to keep your calories down and ward off weight gain? Some simple changes you can make…don’t add the cheese to your sandwich, hold the mayo, can the soda, eat on smaller plates and/or choose fat-free dairy products.

Case in Point: Once you have baked your cake and eaten it too…from time to time the gut-feeling will hit and you realize that it might not be worth it...so second guess that sweet indulgence…do we really need it?
Well, except if it’s your birthday cake…right?

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