Saturday, February 20, 2010

February is American Heart Month

I have been planning to blog about American Heart Month since about the 1st of February (when it started!) here it is...February is HEART MONTH…go red!

Heart Disease is our nations #1 killer...often dubbed the silent killer for it’s “sneak-attack” ways; but it doesn't have to dominate like it does...we can avoid this disease by living a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyles start with behavior modifications. Particularly the modification of diet...a heart-healthy diet. Following simple nutritional guidelines to live a healthier and longer life can start here:

- Aim to consume no more than 300 mg of cholesterol per day (if you eat eggs the American Heart Association recommends only 3 yolk per week to stay within low cholesterol levels)

- Incorporate healthy fats- omega-3’s, mono-and polyunsaturated fats found in fish (salmon, sardines and other fattier fish…try eating fish at least twice a week), nuts (walnuts)/ seeds, flaxseed/ flaxseed oil, olive and canola oils and avocado

- Stick with lean meats, trim your meats of excess fats (chicken, turkey)

- Low-fat or fat-free dairy products will help reduce saturated fat intake

- Eat oodles of fresh fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen and canned, canned can be rinsed prior to consumption to knock the sodium count down)

- Load up on the fibrous whole grains (brown rice and pasta, whole wheat breads, cereals, oats, dried peas and beans, potatoes, and english muffins)

- Try cooking at home more, this way you will know how much oil/ butter and other additives are being put into your meals

*Following a heart-healthy diet will also help keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in check! Triple the pleasure
Along with heart-healthy eats, partake in daily physical activity and practice smoking cessation… these better lifestyle habits will kick your risk of heart attacks and disease.

It’s never too late to start…just stick with it! 

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