Friday, February 19, 2010


So if I had a “Smart Snacker” award this would win it…nutrition facts aside these little chips are tasty as ever!

Rice Works Parm and Sundried Tomato flavored!

Available in a ton of flavors and are gluten-free/ celiac friendly! wahoo!
If you squint hard enough you can see but I'll just hit the noteworthy points...

Serving: 10 chips
140 calories
6 g fat

Lacking terribly in the fiber and protein departments...but hey like I said these taste delicious and that's more important sometimes :)
Just realized I have got to run...spin is in a half hour! yikes!
TGIF bloggies:)

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  1. Guys! Yesterday I tried the "Sweet Chili" flavor...oh my gosh, I just don't know which is my favorite now! Check them out!