Thursday, February 4, 2010

Motivation…where are you?

Last night I could have really used a gym buddy! I was just unmotivated and thinking about anything else I could do besides be at the gym.

More often than not, I am thinking about other people and how I can help them stay motivated and meet weight loss goals…well, that is my profession and passion, of course, but sometimes even I need a little motivation!

Getting back on track: Today I am going to start back to keeping a couple of food logs a week and logging my workouts. This way I have something to track and hold myself accountable for. The work out logs will serve as reminders of gym dates and goals (remember the goal strategies I had mentioned before) I have met to keep me on track throughout the week!

I am a firm believer that writing weekly goals and keeping food logs will lead to attaining weight loss/ maintenance goals. Let’s start writing….

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