Friday, February 5, 2010

Another day in the life...

The journey has begun…food diary journey that is. I have started logging my meals, snacks, water intake and workouts…I am feeling better and am more conscious of what I am eating!

Is anyone else starting this journey?

The morning started off on the wrong foot…I woke up late (like 20 minutes…that makes it extra challenging to make it to work on time when the commute takes 30) thank goodness I am a smart-snackin’ planner and packed my lunch last night as I was making dinner (I had a salad: a dollop of roasted red pepper hummus, cukes, tomato, corn and black beans oh and of course, greens). As I plated the salad, I just made an extra salad in a Tupperware! Man was it delish!
Today has been a nasty day outside so it doesn’t make sitting in the office all that bad. Aside from the rough start and the nasty weather…the day has gotten a lot better, this morning I got to do some counseling…man I love it! When something makes you that happy…you just know it’s your “thing!” It’s a great feeling!

Noteworthy- grocery store reveal…I was in the local grocery store last night to pick up some extra things for my salad dinner and some fruit to snack on. I was so pleased to see that the apples weren't the size of my head...instead they were comparable to a tennis ball…THE ACTUAL SERVING SIZE of a piece of whole fruit!
I stocked up on some granny smith’s!

cute, right!?

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