Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nutrition Makes the Headlines…Again!

Nutrition is in the headlines just about everyday; “How to lose weight,” “Super foods,” “New food fights cancer?” well now it’s about my beloved food labels! I have been working on research that primarily focuses on food labeling/ food labeling laws and incorporating nutrition labeling into non-chain restaurants. In addition, in the past year I have also spent time working as a nutritionist, analyzing nutrition information for a research facility up North; throughout this experience (and personal experience for that matter) I have found that having the nutrition information at point-of-sale makes an impact on the dietary choices consumers make at meal times. Having the nutrition information available helps the consumer make an informed decision based on their individual dietary needs.

Today in The New York Times the Nutrition Facts Panel gets a beating…check it out!

How do you feel about nutrition facts labeling?

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