Sunday, March 14, 2010

Easy on the juice

Any fruit juice junkies out there? Thankfully I am not a huge juice fan but I will have an occasional OJ here and there; I almost  always go for the raw stuff first!

For all you juice lovers...juice can really pack on the liquid calories, carry tons of added sugars and be as sweet as a pack of skittles. 

If your going to drink the juice [because you don't fancy the real fruit] then keep these tips in mind when purchasing your favorite flavors:

-Make sure it is labeled with this little phrase, "Made of 100% fruit juice"
-Labels read, "No added sugar" (fruit is already sweet enough from it's naturally occurring sugars...we don't need any extra. It will just add more calories)
-If it says "Light," sometimes light can be a red flag (Most of the time if it is "light" it has been made with something extra [because it still needs flavor] usually it will be in the form of carbohydrates. Look at your labels!). Just go for the real 100% stuff and keep your portion down.

-A 4 oz glass is the serving size for a cup of fruit juice (think shot glass)!

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