Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun-filled Friday

Long time no blogin'!
Sorry folks, I had to take a day off yesterday. I was having a non-stop kinda Friday! I interned at the hospital all day then went straight to the gym; came home and had just enough time to get ready to head to CHAPEL HILL! I went to visit some friends and get a taste of the night life! It was such a blast! We had SO much fun that we didn't get back until 1pm today! 

We stopped at Elmo's (a local diner) on our way out. You know I had to have a taste of Chapel Hill too!  We made it in time for brunch. This diner was in a town called Carrboro; it was a neat little town with tons of character. I really liked it; my favorite part was all the people out walking around and dining outdoors. The weather is beautiful today so it looked like everyone was getting some Vitamin D and exercise in. I felt like I fit right in :) 

For brunch I enjoyed one of their lox (smoked salmon) dishes! One of my favorite breakfast items. It is loaded with Omega-3s and other sorts of healthy nutrients! A great way to start the day.

This trip to Chapel Hill inspired this blog for two reasons: one of which is obvious...I had a blast and wanted to tell my bloggies all about it and second is because of G2.

So my dear friend Katie got all of her guests a gatorade to re-hydrate this morning [after our night on the town]. Well, she got everyone a regular gatorade but got me, the smart snacker, G2.

If your not familiar with G2, it is a newer product by Gatorade that has "1/2 the calories but all the G" -Gatorade. In other words, it is a wise choice (if drinking a sports drink) because it also has less carbohydrates in the form of sugars!

Regular Gatorade (8 fl oz): 50 calories, 14 gm of Carbohydrates and sugars
G2 (8 fl oz): 20 calories, 5 gm of carbohydrates and sugars

I still think H2O is your best way to hydrate but I like to drink G2 when I am doing strenuous/ vigorous exercise and/or when I will be at the gym for over an hour. I think it is beneficial to have the additional electrolytes for times such as these however, I do not drink G2 on a regular basis. Once in a while I will enjoy one like I did this morning :) I have had the orange and red flavors so far and smart snacker says...ORANGE is better!

 (The girls said they were ready for their debut on the blog;) )

Off to enjoy this 66 degree weather! Adios!


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