Monday, March 1, 2010

Label Lingo

Hey Smart Snacker's in-training...ever read food labels?
Well, I hope so (trick question because you should be)! 
So, when studying your labels ( again, you should be...wishful thinking on my part ;) ) have you noticed the left-hand side that reads "% Daily Value (%DV)?"

Curious what those %'s even mean? Well, the trusty food industry is using this system to inform you of whether or not the particular nutrients found in that product are a good source of fat, carbohydrates and/or any vitamin/ mineral present?
Trick of the trade: This is also a good way to tally your daily cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium intakes (yikes!).

So, I'm here to help breakdown what you need to know...Smart Snackin' basics :)

If your %DV reads:
20% or higher: the food is a good source of that nutrient
10-20%: the food is a moderate source for that nutrient
less than 10%: the food is a low source for that nutrient

Nifty little system now isn't it?


  1. are you keeping up with my blog?!?!?! and theresa just realized you were gone.

    miss you.

  2. I am trying to keep up! Keep me on the email update list;) Oh Theresa, lol!
    Miss you guys too!