Thursday, March 25, 2010

My real "quick fix"

Hey guys...I am only human too and so when this girl wants something sweet I WANT SOMETHING SWEET. Well, lately I have found that my sweet tooth is out-of-control. I obviously cannot indulge everyday (I just don't have the metabolism of a 13 year old anymore) so I had to find something to do the trick...and I have just the smart snacker trick!

My new real "quick fix" for that darn sweet tooth....ATOMIC FiReBaLLs!

Why is it the real deal? I have found that the combination of hot/spicy with sweet crunchy just works for me! Plus it takes so long to eat these little buggers that it takes my mind off anything else more detrimental [to my body] ie. cakes, cookies, chocolates, etc.  
On that note, minimal research suggests that spicy, cinnamon hard candies may curb your need for the sweet stuff!

The fire ball is a tiny hot ball of sugar BUT for 3 pieces it's only 60 calories and I can usually stop after 1 and call it quits (only 20 calories in)!  

For 3 it is also one carbohydrate choice (about 17 gm of carb) and 16 gm of sugar with no fat. Mainly composed of sucrose and no hydrogenated oils...yes! Double whammy!

What's your not so dangerous [sweet] satisfying treat? 

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