Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fight Your Battle with Weight Loss

If you don't remember anything about weight loss or find all the tips out there overwhelming, I want you to remember my "4 F's for weight loss." Their kinda like my "go to" weight loss tips when you need and want to know the basic foundation to your weight loss journey. This foundation of "F's" make the stepping stones to a successful journey.

Formulate your plan...figure out what your ultimate goal is and why? Planning also means for your meals

Freshen up your meals...with the exception of your favorite all natural bars (like my favorite Larabars) try and eat whole, FRESH foods. More fruits and veggies, less prepackaged, processed junkola

Fit...get fit that is! Make sure your getting some sort of physical activity in everyday; from taking the stairs to partaking in a vigorous sweat session in the gym. With physical activity and eating right...lbs should start melting off your body!

Find time for yourself. Time is always an issue and whether it's time for yourself at the gym or just to relax and read a book, "you time" is important and helps with your successes [in weight loss]. This will help you de-stress and fight stress hormones like cortisol which may induce hunger cues. It has been proven in research that weight loss may be inhibited by stress.

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