Sunday, March 28, 2010

Navigation Series- Smart Snacker meets Camping Grounds

Hello readers! I had an eventful weekend in the VA mountains...I went camping with some friends this weekend in Martinsville, VA for the NASCAR race. I am not much of a camper (this was my first time) however, I was told by my fellow camp buddies that I was a natural :)

I didn't really know what to expect but I thought I would "just roll with it!" Being the Smart Snacker I am I knew I could contribute to the trip with healthy snack options. Of course camping out means burgers and hot dogs and I'm all about it...but some ways that I made sure I didn't over indulge and still enjoyed the camping experience...

-Keepin' it lean (We bought 93% lean burgers; I don't eat dogs but a dog here and there isn't unhealthy...moderation!)

-Packed fruit (I brought some apples and bananas; both are easy to eat and are easily packed)

-Watched my portions (I had a little bit of everything but just like I said...a little bit)

-White Cheddar Rice Cakes (excellent alternative for chips; 1 cake is 45 calories)

-It was a beer drinking affair (I had a couple of light beers but made sure I was drinking TONS of water in between and after)

-Dense foods with high nutrition (We snacked on trail mix; while trail mix may be high in sugar and dense (highly caloric), I made sure I only ate about a handful here and there. The nuts are a healthy fat and about 1 oz a day is adequate)

-Bars (I packed some clif bars incase of "hunger emergencies!" In the Speedway venue I may have gotten hungry, instead of going for some fat laden racing snack I would have this healthier alternative)

-I didn't revolve my camping experience around the food (bonfire and smores, drinking or constant snacking) instead I focused more on hanging with my company and making it a social event!

-I took advantage of the outdoors (We went for a ton of walks and "explored" the area. Enjoyed the scenery while burnin some cals...double whammy!).

Inspired by this trip I am going to start my
Smart Snackers Navigation Series
This will be a series of blog posts that contain tips about navigating your way through different events, social gatherings and vacations. How to live your life and have fun but snack smart while doing it; to help you realize you can lose weight/ maintain your weight doing the things you love!

Stay Tuned for the next Navigation Series post- Smart Snacker meets Cocktail Party

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