Monday, March 15, 2010

Product Watch

Hey guys, funny story! The other day in the elevator (I only take the elevator to the 5th floor otherwise I do stairs...I knew that's what you were thinking) this woman got in and was drinking this funny looking drink. I guessed energy drink but I thought wrong...being the Smart Snacker I am I asked for her to turn the can so I could catch a glimpse of the label...

So here it is..."Fizz Ed." It's the newest carbonated fruit juice by Apple and Eve.
If you check out the link about it will show you all the flavors it comes in and the nutritional low down.

Your Smart Snacker weighs-in: First of all [as we just learned] we want our juices to be 100% fruit juice, second the sugar content is rather high. I'd almost just rather have some sparkling water with fresh lemon squeezed in it! How about you? On the up side, I can read all the ingredients in the label and actually pronounce them ;) Before I can say much more, I would have to try one.
I think Apple and Eve is using this in their School Nutrition line; so as opposed to soda, I'd say yay but whatever happened to milk or H2O?

Side note...the other funny thing about this story; the woman who was drinking it said she got this drink out of the hospitals "healthy vending machine." I'm sorry...I'm pretty sure I have never seen one of those before. Anything that can sit in a vending machine for months probably isn't all that "healthy," HELLO PRESERVATIVES!

Sorry for the quick post...came home a little early from the hospital today because I am feeling a bit under the weather. Going to fill up on fluids and rest for the remainder of the day!

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  1. Feel better! It's so crazy all the drinks they have out there not. It's impossible to keep up.