Monday, March 22, 2010

Which milk is the "best" milk?

I have been flipping channels lately and coming across tons of variations of MILK. Not too mention, my grocer's milk cooler has grown substantially. From cow's milk to skim and now almond and hazelnut milk! It can be confusing when deciphering which is best for you and your family.

Funny I was thinking this because so was the Today Show this morning. Check out this story by the Today Show's Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, Joy Bauer....she does a great job of summing up the truth behind all the different kinds of milk and tells you clearly which could be best for what your looking for (protein versus vitamin D/Calcium rich.

Quick Facts from your Smart Snacker:
-Cow's milk will carry the most protein (8 grams per 8 fl oz) and clearly more naturally occurring calcium and vitamin D.
-Soy milk is a plant-based milk so it won't have as much calcium and vitamin D but comes close in protein ( 6 grams per 8 fl oz) and because it is plant-based it naturally has less saturated fat  
(I like to drink light soy milk)
-Nut derived (almond and hazelnut) and rice milk are considerably lower in protein (That's why I tend to shy away from it; Although I have tasted almond milk and it is quite tasty)!
-Lactaid, Soy, Nut derived and rice milk are all great alternative for lactose-intolerant consumers


  1. I saw that clip today on Today and I actually like it too! A lot of the time I get so frustrated at what they put on there!

  2. Almond milk (unsweetened vanilla) is very good in coffee!!! I pick the ones that run about 40-60 cals per serving.