Friday, April 16, 2010


Happy Friday!

I started my morning bright and early with my friend at the gym! We got up before our internship interview day and did a nice 45-minute cardio sweat session with some abdominal work afterwards. Man, it was nice to have a gym buddy again! I like getting my workouts in, in the morning [when possible]...especially on Fridays this way, once work is done...I can relax!

Usually I would do the hour-long RPM class Friday evenings but I was told today that I have impromptu plans so I won't be attending (good thing I got my workout in this morning, yikes)!
Side note for all you fellow Lifestyle Family Fitness go-ers: Our Friday night class is sufferring because the attendance is low (and obviously, I am not helping out like I need to be with a ton of traveling lately it's been hard to commit) but together let's try and kick up the attendance so our favorite classes stick around!

Incase you're interested...
Today's Cardio Workout (on the Elliptical)-
0-5 min: warm-up
5-10 min: resistance 4
10-15 min: resistance 6
15-20 min: resistance 8
20-25 min: resistance 10
25-30 min: resistance 8
30-35 min: resistance 6
35-40 min: resistance 4
40-45 min: cool down
*try and keep the same pace throughout (even on the hardest resistance)
More resistance= more calories burned
(approx. 350 calories burned, based on the machine
- I was not wearing my HR monitor, sorry!)

So, as I said I have last-minute plans! I am going with a group of friends to a Carolina Mudcats Game! Fun, right? Believe me, this trip to the baseball stadium will definitely prompt a "Smart Snacker meets Stadium."

Stay tuned for navigating your way through the stadium and see how your Smart Snacker takes on this colossal food challenge ;)

See ya, ball fans!

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