Sunday, April 18, 2010

100th for SS

It's about that time...Smart Snacker is posting the 100th post today! What a long way we've come... :)

What a better way to mark the 100th with a road trip! Yes ladies and gentlemen, your Smart Snacker just trekked about 5 hours Northbound on route 95. My ARAMARK gig in Nothern VA has got me traveling this week for my site visit. I do a site visit every 3-4 months to ensure proper recipe and portion adherence protocol are being followed in the facility thus ensuring my nutrition information I provide is accurate! So....since I was traveling I had to be snacking...right?

So, I've got a little bit of everything! I mean a girl has got to have some variety, right? Otherwise, if I am not interested I will try and find something else [which could be a diet disaster]!

In the lunch box:
-Rice cake sandwich with a slab of BNPB in between
-Kashi Peanut Butter Bar

The strawberries are not a driver-friendly snack, they were more of an after thought. When I was leaving I wanted to salvage anything I could so it wouldn't spoil while I was out of town!

For the record...I ended up snacking on the Kashi bar and banana
(approx. 240 calories; 140 from the bar and 100 from the banana)

Oh and two of these...

I don't know what it is about these things but I regret to admit that I do drink these caffeinated boogers every now and than! Man, my Dad and I are hooked! Hey, it's our vice!

What's your vice?

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