Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On the hunt

Hey guys, I seriously went the whole weekend without internet...crazy, right!? Not going to lie, I didn't hate it. It sure was completely relaaaaxing. This long weekend, actually felt long and tranquil for once! It was pretty funny...everyone I asked today, had the same calmed feeling : )

So get this; I was traveling...of course and came across a new farmer's market, just inside the Delaware state line, by Middletown, Delaware. I was on the hunt for some good eatin'...

It was this cute barn looking building offering everything from vegetables, breads, fruits, jams/jellies, dairy and homemade ice creams to honey sticks and marinades!

I got some fresh cherries for snacking, juicy-just-picked strawberries that we threw into our salad and a mini blueberry loaf for breakfast! Don't think I got outta there without some homemade ice cream and whipped cream for left over berries and dessert!?
The homemade ice cream came in the perfect little cups for sharing. We got vanilla, strawberry and chocolate...hands down, creamiest vanilla bean ice cream I have had to this day!

Farmer's Markets are a great place to stop in for a snack or when planning a meal.
Did you find a new one yet?

I'm working in VA for a couple of days...than I'll be home and off the road for a few weeks! Yaahoo. For now...

...hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go!!

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