Thursday, May 27, 2010

Living on the road

Hey guys, Happy Thursday! One day closer to the holiday weekend...the beach and the pool!? right?

You may or may not know that I have been living on the road for weeks now [it seems]. I haven't been home for two straight weeks since I finished my internship back in April! Whether it's a vacation, a work site visit or a celebration, I am goin' and goin'!

If your a frequent SS reader you know I am the ultimate gym rat and thrive off my group fitness classes! So, when I am traveling it's hard to keep up with my rigid schedule I am used to (ie. bodypump and rpm in one night...two hours of intense workout). Well, I have found I can't let my traveling get in the way if I want to stay fit and healthy...a couple of things I have vowed to do while vacationing?

-Go on a walk whenever I can; take advantage of the parks nearby. My mom and I like to walk her dog and have planned a ton of walks for this weekend
-Home gym; you can do sit-ups, push-ups and lunges anywhere...start movin'
-Watch my food intake; since I know I am not burning as many calories as I usually would after an intense two hour workout I know I need to cut back so I am simply applying my portion control techniques
-Split a dish; I don't know about you but traveling more often than not, means eating in restaurants. Let's admit, it's a good gathering place so we know it's bound to happen. What am I doing to avoid weight gain? Ordered a small salad or appetizer as my meal, splitting a dish or boxing half and taking it home
-Go to a local gym and scope out a day or weekend pass
-Avoid temptations; just because your traveling doesn't mean the healthy eating gets thrown out the window. Pass of desserts or just share one. Getting ice cream? try a smaller size or a sugar-free snow cone
-Plan ahead; take snacks when you know you can. This weekend, I have already said I will pack some snacks for the house so we don't feel tempted to keep eating out
-Check out different farmer's markets where you may be visiting; this will allow you to have fresh fruits and veggies on hand

It's almost summer time, what are you doing to stay fit and healthy during all your beach trips?

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