Friday, July 9, 2010

My Take on Toast

Hey guys! Hope you had a wonderful week and are gearing up for a fun-filled weekend! I don't have much planned but it sounds just about as good as it gets, after the week I had!

So, I wanted to share my new, go-to breakfast. I got into a slump with my oats; I was feeling bored and unsatisfied. I decided to try My [new] Take on Toast.
It's a well-rounded meal; complete with a little taste from every macronutrient group (a little carbohydrate, fat and protein) for complete satiety, satisfaction and ultimately, it's something that holds me 'til lunch!

My Take on Toast is a spin-off your always faithful [open-faced] PB&J and PB&Banana Sandwiches. This is SO simple and can be made in 5 minutes flat!

My Take on Toast:
- Your favorite bread...toasted (I use a whole wheat or sprouted grain toast, depending on what I bought that week)
- Your favorite nut butter (I am using Justin's Maple Almond Butter)
- Fresh Strawberries

Toast your bread. Smear your nut butter. Strategically place your strawberries. Well, what are you waiting for? ENJOY!

I like this combination of flavors. It's like PB&J but the fresh strawberries reap the nutritional benefits (vitamins and minerals) that the sugar-loaded jelly doesn't. It's sweet and salty while offering energy filled complex carbohydrates and fiber from your toast, heart healthy fats and protein from your nut butter and additional flavor and nutrients from the fresh fruit! Great start to a summer morning!

Try it tomorrow morning : ) Let me know what you think?!...

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