Monday, August 2, 2010

"Chill it. Don't Spill it."

have I mentioned how much I love this stuffffffff...

Vitacoco Coconut water!! It's all the rage today and if you have been a frequent follower of Smart Snacker, you [and I both] are already aware of this coconut water craze! So, have you tried it since my last post?

Well, if your like me and have trouble finding it or are too busy to get to a speciality market (Fresh Market, EarthFare, etc) than you obviously, haven't tried it let me relieve your pain by telling you that today I FOUND THE TIME and went ahead and bought it again...this time I am trying a NEW flavor Vitacoco's Coconut Water with Tangerine and will be sure to report my findings!

I have almost tried the whole line up ; )

The tangerine counterpart to the always faithful and delicious acai & pom was a kick to my taste buds! It was exceptionally refreshing and of course, a great way to hydrate naturally. It is a taste that I grew to love more and more as I gulped it down! It doesn't have the same acidity as your orange juice but it still has the strong tangerine taste that overpowers the coconut, slightly. I really enjoyed this one, but if I HAD TO chose I would still pick acai & pom over tangerine!

Tangerine, like it's acai & pom friend, has 2 times the potassium of a chiquita  and an abundance of other great vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium! Boasting above the rest with it's claims of keeping your body properly hydrated and preventing muscle cramping (thanks to it's surplus of potassium) and of course, it's 100% natural!

I am drinking this to rehydrate after cardio and strength training workouts or even sometimes to give me a little pick me up during the day!

The skinny (8.5 fl oz) serving size of 2: 50 calories, 560 mg potassium, 13 gm carbohydrates, and 13 gm of naturally occuring sugar
(to account for the 2 servings, if enjoying the entire tetra pak just multiply each nutrient by 2)!

So, go on and "Chill it. Don't Spill it." -Vitacoco

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