Monday, September 27, 2010

2X Protein

I feel like it has been a while since I have dunked my spoon into a container of greek yogurt- next time remind me not to go so long! Man, have I missed this stuff! Not only was it like the greatest reunion between [wo]man and food but it was on sale at the local grocer!  Yoplait Greek is available nationwide for a suggested retail of about $1.19 per 6 oz cup which is comparable to other greek yogurt.

I tend to always meander back to yoplait; it's thick, creamy texture is loaded with nutrients at a cheap caloric cost! It is one of the only greek yogurts' that has both calcium and vitamin D in one cup! Calcium and vitamin D work best together in the body; with the help of eachother they are absorbed more readily and can be used more efficiently in your body!

With twice the protein and 0% fat it makes a filling snack, great yogurt parfait for breakfast, smoothie for a quick lunch, mixed into baked goods or dip! For some of Yoplait's greatest greek recipes click here!!! (You may even get a coupon to try your favorite flavor today)!

Check back tomorrow 'greek goddesses'...
I am making a Yoplait Greek Honey Vanilla breakfast parfait to start off my day and blogging about 'Yoplait's recent Greek Goddess event'!

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