Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Assembly Required

 So I give you [as promised] my Yoplait Greek Honey Vanilla breakfast parfait. With a little love and assembly required, I have managed to put together a rather tasty, satisfying, rib-sticking breakfast. Preparing it in the wine glass adds a little flare- it makes it feel like a true treat... who knew yogurt parfaits could be so classy?

In the glass?
- 1/3 cup of local granola (any locals? I got this at Fresh Market; I went with the "Chunky Monkey" flavor...it's okay, I like my Bear Naked Fit a little better)!
- Chopped strawberries
- Drizzle of agave

The Skinny: ~ 313 calories, 1 gm fat, 12 gm protein, 30% calcium, 20% vitamin D
This will vary depending on the type of granola you use and variations of serving sizes

So why the greek yogurt parfait? It makes me feel like a 'Greek Goddess!' Check back tomorrow for some additional 'Greek Goddess' recipes and hightlights from one of Yoplaits latest events!

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