Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Fruit?

Happy New Year everyone! Are you planning your new year resolution for this prosperous year?
I rang in the new year in MD, where I was visiting my parents for the greater part of this week. As you may have read before, when I am home I get to spend time in the kitchen with Mom (our chef extraordinaire). We took a trip to Whole Foods to prepare for the NYE meal. Look what I came across...

California Buddha's Hand Lemon

Weirdest looking fruit...ever! Right? Mom and I spotted this right away amongst the neighboring fruits and vegetables. You would use it like a regular lemon...we didn't buy it because it was a whopping $7.99 per pound and man, did it weigh a ton! Have you seen this fruit? or could it be New Year, New Fruit?

Man, quite the eye sore!

 The Buddha's hand is often used for its zest or the peel can be candied. It is juice less and sometimes seedless.

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