Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Avoiding a [workout] Slump

I have been run-ragged the last couple of weeks- between work, moving, training for the half and just trying to have a life I obviously have been super busy. During this time it is hard to find ways to get in my workouts, specifically runs; this isn't the first time I have had trouble fitting in long workouts so I thought I would share with you what helps me avoid a [workout] slump...

- Meet friends for more than food and drinks. Yes, it is nice to just post-up at a restaurant and catch-up but now I find myself meeting friends for a walk, run or gym class. This way I am getting in my social hour and my workout! Especially, during my training meeting a girlfriend for my long runs on Sunday's (6+ miles) makes my workout go by a lot faster ; )

- Switch it up. It can be quite monotonous to stick with the same routine week to week; I try and add a new class at least every 2 weeks and change my run location every Sunday.
- Fuel makes perfect. Meal planning and preparation is always key for a successful workout regimen. It keeps your energy up, makes you feel good and keeps you on track. The better you eat, the better you feel, the more successful you will feel when you complete your workouts. If I know I definitely cannot squeeze a workout in, making sure I eat smart helps!

Some of my favorite pre- or post-workout snacks
(Not pictured- after workouts I may have a small cup of chocolate milk or coconut water)

- New outfit- new outlook? Sometimes it takes a new piece of workout gear to get you going! I just got a new app on my iPod..."iMapmyrun". It's a great motivator for outside running; with it's GPS capabilities and ability to record my pace, distance and calorie burn, I am excited to hit the pavement!

How you do you avoid a workout slump?

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