Thursday, February 17, 2011

The 411 on Sea Salt or Table Salt

Sea salt or table salt…what’s the difference? As you may see in tons of advertisements, now fast food chains are buying you in by saying that they use all natural sea salt on their french fries; first it was the type of frying oil now it's the salt...what next?

Well, they may say it's "better" for you but what gives? taste, texture and how the salt is processed are the basic differences between the two. According to the Mayo Clinic, sea salt is the product of evaporated seawater. One advantage of sea salt is that some people may use a little less because of its courser texture and some people prefer the taste. However, the sodium content and nutritional make up of each is essentially the same.

Salt is salt so if your looking for a low-sodium option, try salt-free seasonings and herb blends instead like Mrs. Dash!

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