Thursday, March 10, 2011

Adding Flavor, Holding [off on] the Calories

In the kitchen I am adding flavor, while holding the calories! Every year for Christmas my Mom gives me a box of Penzys Spices. I look forward to the box of goodies every year- all different flavors each time; from taste-bud tingling Florida Pepper to 4 different types of sweet cinnamon. I have quite the collection now- it makes for a fun time in the kitchen! I get to try different flavors daily that add great taste to my meals [but hold the calories] and still watch my waistline!

Why I'm diggin' Spices:
- Healthful qualities, good for ya!
- Flavorful
- Virtually calorie free

Some of my favorite...
Paprika: contains a nutrient called capsaicin, whose anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects may lower the risk of cancer (also found in cayenne and red chili peppers).
Garlic: good for your heart, keeps your blood pressure in check and has anti-inflammatory properties. Good with anything!
Cinnamon: may lower blood sugar levels, also helpful in lessening inflammation; containing calcium and fiber to improve colon health and protect against heart disease.
Dill: containing iron, maganese and calcium; it's a flavorful way to help prevent bone loss. Native to southern Russia, western Africa and the Mediterranean region, it was often used to promote healing. Dill contains two unique types of healing components: monoterpenes and flavonoids.
Rosemary: contains substances that are useful for stimulating the immune system, increasing circulation and improving digestion with fiber, iron and calcium. Research has shown that rosemary may increase the blood flow to the head and brain thus to improve concentration!
Mix of sweet paprika, dill, celery, garlic...etc etc etc

Old World Penzy in use- Baked Chicken with Potatoes
What are some of your favorite spices to cook with?

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