Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Newest Snackobsession

So remember back when, when I was having this weird obsession that turned into the Battle of the Nut Butters? Well, I am still obsessed [surprise!!] but I have found the Newest Snackobsession...hold on to your seat...
Oh my word people! This is the greatest seed butter of all [forget the nuts]!
Cinnamon, Vanilla Sunflower Butter- with flax and hemp seeds. Sounds particularly healthy, no? Gluten and Vegan free and to top it all off it's USDA Organic! Shaazam!
I think I am [most] thankful for the fact that the nutrition facts panel is no where to be found on the label [weird!!] however, I can guess that it is [probably] between 150-180 calories per 2 Tbsp serving with 14-18 grams of fat and an extraordinary amount of heart healthy fats (poly- and monounsaturated fats, that is)! I might also add that it has NO hydrogenated oils and trans fat but tons of OMEGA's [3, 6 and 9]! An RD's dream snack...I would probably considered this a super food too!
Why am I loving this? satisfying, healthy, subtle sweetness. I am finding when I have a piece of toast with a schhmear of Naturally Nutty in the AM, the slightly sweet taste helps control my sweet tooth later in the day! What's not to love about that? 
I think I may have a nut/seed butter problem : /

Don't judge me! Just get out there and try one! ;)

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