Thursday, March 17, 2011


I think I died and went to heaven the moment I set foot in North Raleigh's new Whole Foods. In case you're in the area and haven't got around to seeing it yet, fear no more! I completely became a freak paparazzi once I broke through the front doors and managed to get out with some great pictures! It's absolutely AWESOME, especially if you're a foodie [like me] and love shopping in these kinds of places :)

Bountiful selection of fresh [delicious looking] produce. It was hard to walk in the store an hour before work and not be able to leave with grocery reusable bags full of good Whole Foods (pun intended)!

Colorful olive bar, fresh salad bar, baked goods, produce, tons of new things to try; a isle 10 miles long of nut butters and oils! Obviously I was pretty impressed ;)

...And did you seriously think I wouldn't find SOMETHING to buy?

A little "lunch box" never hurt anyone ;)
Especially some kale salad, quiona salad, cabbage crunch salad, roasted chickpeas & fresh berries!

Locals, have you been yet? locals or not...What's something new you've tried at your favorite grocery store?

PS- we are three days out from my first half marathon people! I'm FREAKING.

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