Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So delish, Not So nutrish

Hey guys! Coming back from a HUGE weekend of fun, excitement and accomplishments! More to come on that later...

So as I promised, Greek yogurt news first! Last week I sampled my Stony field Greek Cherry Yogurt. Okay guys, more often than not it's an issue of brand loyalty for me but this time I thought new Greek yogurt out? must try it! Well the truth is I loved it; it was creamy, satisfying, flavorful and filling; all the qualities you look for in a great snack. Well, turn it over to the nutrition facts label and it's another story [unfortunately]. So delish but not so nutrish...
Despite the fact that there is a great amount of healthy qualities I have a hard time outweighing them with the whooping 26 grams of sugar! Compared to the other leading Greek yogurt brands (Chobani, Yoplait, Okios, Dannon), this brand does have the highest calories and least amount of protein per serving (whomp, whomp). In Stony field's defense, this is the 2% Greek so it will have more fat and the serving size of the container may vary among distributors. Even still, the flavor was out-of-this-world delicious...so it could be supplemented for your usual dessert craving during the week!?
To put it in perspective for ya: This has the equivalent of about 2.5 doughnuts or 1 snicker bars worth of sugar! Ouch.

Smart Snacker conclusion? Instead of a weekly snack this looks like it will move to the monthly treat or dessert alternative...What are your thoughts on the product?

PS- Yoplait has a coupon...print one today :)

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