Friday, April 22, 2011

When life gives you strawberries...

...get in the kitchen and be creative! Nuff said.
Quite the predicament to be in, huh? I have so many strawberries- I obviously have no self-control when it comes to shopping at the Farmer's Market! Go figure!  

So, I give you...

Strawberries 10 ways:
1. Salad topper (spinach, blue cheese, candied walnuts and berries...YUM)
2. Slim strawberry shortcake (angel food cake topped with strawberries and nonfat whipped topping)
3. By themselves (no sugar sprinkle even necessary)
4. On top of hot cereal
5. On top of cold cereal
6. In a smoothie
7. Yogurt parfait
8. Edible breakfast garnish
9. Strawberry mojito (make it skinny- mix club soda with splenda or sugar-sub of your choice)
10. Chocolate covered

STILL have some left? Freeze 'em!

Quick Care Tips:
When purchasing: look for vivid red color, should not be wet or moist, choose smaller berries when possible and they should not be mushy or have whithered leaves.
Cleaning and Storing: wait to wash until you are ready to consume them; refrigerate.

The Skinny: 1 cup serving (whole) 46 calories, 0 mg cholesterol, 11 gm carbohydrates, 3 gm fiber, 7 gm sugar, 1 gm protein

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