Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Down and out...but back again! Tips!

I'm back just in time to gear you up for the hot weather...

Smart Snacker Meets Cocktail Party

Its spring time and summer is rolling in- beach parties, weddings and dinner parties with friends shouldn’t keep you from feeling great in your bathing suit!
Let me help you navigate your way through your next cocktail party. Cocktail parties are always exciting because you get to dress up, eat tons of good food, socialize and drink a favorite cocktail. Sometimes we may feel a little uneasy prior to the affair when the thought of “eating tons of good food” sets in. Or maybe this feeling sets in after it’s too late and you’ve already done the damage. Well, let’s assess the situation; once you’ve done your homework here and find yourself navigating through your party, you will realize you can have tons of fun, indulge and that number [on the scale] will still remain the same.

Let’s get started!

-Don’t arrive with a monstrous appetite. Have a small snack consisting of a complex carbohydrate, lean protein and healthy fat (i.e. banana with peanut butter) prior to the event. This will take the edge off and you’ll be less likely to scarf down food before you can even say hello to the host!
-Don’t skip meals. This is a rookie mistake. People think they are doing themselves a favor by saving up their calories from breakfast and lunch to splurge at dinner. It definitely doesn’t work like that. Please, for the love of not skip meals. Earlier in the day just watch your choices and portions.
-Walking apps. Choose wisely, pick one and be done. Try to avoid the fried items (i.e. coconut shrimp)
-Factor in the liquid. All alcohol has carbohydrates and thus has calories. Stick with the lower calorie options; light beer or diet soda/soda water with vodka (vodka tends to be the lowest [liquor] in calories).Try drinking a sparkling water in between drinks to cut back as well. Daily Alcohol recommendations for moderation: no more than 2 drinks for men and no more than 1 for women (1 drink= 12 oz beer, 5 oz wine, 1.5 oz liquor) per day.
-Don’t set up camp by the food. In other words, don't be the person guarding the chip bowl otherwise, you will keep putting your hand in the bowl (we’ve all done it). Instead make it more about socializing and catching up with friends. Out of sight, out of mind; that visual cue won’t be there to tempt you.
-Focus on the nutrients. Look for the healthier options; scopes out the fresh vegetables, dishes containing vegetables, and if there’s fresh fruit eat that as your dessert.
-Plan. You know your coming to the party so mentally prepare. You have the will power; just put it into action...I know you can do it!
-When in doubt, plan it out. Offer to bring a dish. This way you know you have at least that healthy option. Bring a light dip, veggie tray or fresh fruit dessert.

Remember, it only takes an extra 250 calories/day to lead to a ½ pound gain by the end of the week. You’ve worked so hard; don’t let this one event drag you down!

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