Saturday, February 6, 2010


Just like you get bored of eating the same thing everyday, your body gets bored of the same workouts. In order to keep your body in tip-top shape and build more lean muscle mass you have to keep you body guessing...

I felt like I was hitting a plateau in my workouts. I was working reaaal hard and dripping sweat but wasn't reaping the benefits. I switched the days I was spinning, added in treadmill intervals, step class and even picked up a bodycombat class (that really shocked my body). I think I will start seeing results again. Don't under estimate the power and calorie burn of those cardio treadmill sweat session last night was a reaaal killer!

What do you do to keep your body guessing?

Here is a interval workout you could try:
Intensity Level Warm up: 5 minutes
Low 5 minutes: 3.0+ mph, 0% incline
Medium 2 minutes: 3.0 mph, incline: 6%
High 1 minutes: 3.2+ mph, incline: 6%
Medium 2 minutes: 3.0+ mph, incline: 1%
High 1 minute: 3.3+ mph, incline: 6%
Medium 2 minutes: 3.0+ mph, incline 1%
High 1 minute: 4.0+ mph, incline 3%
Medium 2 minutes: 3.0+mph, incline: 1%
High 1 minutes: 4.5+mph, incline: 2%
Medium 2 minutes: 3.0+mph, incline 1%
High 1 minute: 5.0+mph, incline 0%
Medium 2 minutes: 3.0 mph, incline 1%
High 1 minute: 3.2+mph, incline 8%
Medium 3 minutes: 3.0+mph, incline 0%
Low 5 minutes: 2.5 mph+, incline: 0% - cool down
Total Workout Time: 36 minutes

If you haven't been working out for very long please start at your own pace, this just serves as an example of what an interval workout would look like
**You can find workouts like this online shape and woman's health magazine have tons!

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