Friday, February 26, 2010

Don't think I forgot aboutcha'

Yes my fellow health fanatics I am talking about you!
My enthused
 New Years Resolution Maker's. I have applauded your enthusiasm once before and I am going to do it again!

You are still congesting my gym however, I have beaten you to the step spot and since I have lost some interest in the cardio equipment I don't mind the sweaty mess. Oh and thanks for not going as far as stealing my favorite spin bike!

So, have we met our goals or are we at least starting to see the results we set forth in the gym on January 1 to get?

As we move into the month of March I know it is hard to keep up with the workout regimen; still fighting the cold, crowds and the never-ending distractions of life; believe me, I too find myself wanting to skip my sweat session but I grin and bear it...what keeps me motivated?

- The progress I have made...I think "why stop now?"
- How good I feel once I have finished a workout
- I feel stronger, have better self-confidence and feel healthier/ happier
- I sleep better at night
- It keeps my healthy eating in check...when I workout it inspires me to eat healthier
- Relieves stress
- Has become a hobby of mine, something I look forward to
- and it wouldn't be a motivation list if I didn't put the thought of wearing a bikini ;)

Push through workout junkies! It's almost spring!

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