Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sweat then Supper

Don’t worry haven’t forgotten about you…today was just not a normal day! I have finished my rotation with the health dept and have moved on! I am now heading back to clinical (at the hospital) for staff relief- meaning I take on my own patients and start practicing as an entry-level dietitian! YAHOO! 
So the plus…I don’t start at the hospital until Monday so I have taken my extra time and put it to good use; gettin' my “feet wet” in other areas of dietetics. 
Today I went to a doctors’ off to help the dietitians with referrals, it was a nice break and I met some pretty cool chicks.  I also sat in on some counseling and enjoyed a free lunch with the office mates- the rep took care of it! Man, I could get used to that ;)
I got off work and immediately headed to the gym for two crucial hours of major sweating.
Bodypump followed by rpm…both les mills classes! some hardcore stuff, I think I'll be taking tomorrow off!!

Tonight for dinner I whipped up something quick and satisfying…
I decided to go with pasta.

In the dish:
-whole wheat pasta
-lean ground beef (Laura's 8% beef is what I used)
-Ragu sauce (3/4 of container to 1 lb beef)
-handfuls of spinach (it shriiiinks!!)

Boil pasta until al dente
Brown beef, drain, mix in sauce and spinach!

Have you ever seen an easier meal? and 1/2 cup of ragu will supply you with 1 serving of your daily veggies and by adding additional spinach you are getting another serving and bonus nutrients (Vitamins A, E and name a few)!!

I didn't get a picture of the final product because no matter which way I turned the bowl it didn't look appetizing enough so I thought some of the ingredients would be okay :)
Just trust me it. was. GOOD.

Time for some R & R.


  1. Heyyy girl! Did you like your rotation at the health dept??

  2. yeah I loved it! I like counseling and I got to do a ton of that! Working in WIC was a lot better than I's actually nothing like I expected it to be! You'll enjoy it:)