Thursday, March 4, 2010

March into National Nutrition Month

The American Dietetic Association is celebrating National Nutrition Month this year with a theme of “Nutrition from the ground up!” Celebrating healthy lifestyles, fresh, whole foods, sound nutrition information and guidance in making informed dietary choices! This March vow to yourself and Smart Snacker that you will adopt a new healthy behavior this month! What will it be…

-Drink more water
-Drink less soda (diet included)
-Add more veggies to your diet
-Adopt whole grains
-Workout 15-30 minutes longer or harder (or both)
-Try and make it a point to cook more at home
-Watch an hour less of television each night
-Pick up a new hobby

This Smart Snacker is trying to add more veggies during the lunch meal! I get plenty for dinner but I would like to have some for lunch. I feel like I am taking in excessive amounts of fruit (which could be too much sugar) so replacing my fruit at lunch or at my afternoon snack with a veggie!

Little choices like the examples listed above can add up and make a HUGE difference! Try it today!

For additional healthy behavior ideas or reliable nutrition information visit: ADA's Website!

Don't forget to check out the latest nutrient bite available to your right of the Smart Snacker daily posts!


  1. Love this theme girl! I CANNOT figure out how to tag my blogs...any tips?

  2. You need to add it as a "gadget" I believe it's under layout. Gosh, awful directions lol