Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's Make Your Plan

Having trouble meeting your weight loss goals, maintaining your recent weight loss or just hitting a dreaded plateau?

If you answered "yes" to atleast one of the above...we must NEED to make you a plan. A plan that fits your lifestyle and helps you manage your weight all at the same time; cause let's face it...if it's not convenient, it's not going to happen!

So the Smart Snacker's guide to your ultimate PLAN:

1. Make your weight goal or 'ideal size' commitment. Set a realistic goal (check out how to set goals), write it down and have something to work towards. This should will motivate you.

2. Select the right food plan for you. If food diaries, or counting calories, trying to add more whole grains and veggies or just cutting back on your portions works best for you…plan for it! Let it fit your lifestyle, if you don’t have time with your rigid work schedule to eat 6 small meals and keep a diary, eat 3 conservative meals with a snack. Ideally, it should be flexible and not make you feel like you are “missing out.” Keep in mind that it has been proven in countless research studies that food diaries do work!

3. Plans need structure. Do you need a support group, gym buddy to keep you motivated and measuring cups to accurately portion your foods. Structure will help you stay on track.

4. Aim for fitness. Once you have gotten your nutrition on track, aim for some physical activity to help shake the weight.

You only have one life but also only ONE body to live it in!

Before making your plan discuss with your primary care physician and/or RD to determine your “ideal” weight goal and physical activity capabilities. This is meant to be used as a guide with ideas of ways that can help you embark and become successful in your weight loss/management journey! Bon voyage!