Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mock Creamsicle

So my Mock Creamsicle is my newest obsession! Simply peel the orange and dip it into a vanilla flavored yogurt. My personal favorite for this creation is Yoplaits Light, Fat Free Very Vanilla. With only 110 calories from the yogurt and the orange pushing approx. 70 calories; this is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, at your desk or on the go!

The yogurt gives you ample Vitamin D and Calcium, the orange provides the Vitamin C and the combination of the two gives you a feeling of satiety! ding ding ding!

Visit the link above and receive a $1.00 off towards your next Yoplait Light purchase and try this combo today!
I ate a whole orange but by the time I remembered to snap a photo...well, it was too late!!

A little history behind this medley: while interning one of the dietitians [I was working with] would always do this but I never reaaaaally tried it until now...I am telling you this because it is a great, healthy snack but I, of course, cannot take all the credit for inventing it ; )

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