Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pasta Wench

Last week, I ventured out to the downtown farmer's market again. This time I actually came home with some goodies. One of them was this ravioli made by Pasta Wench. I was a little hesitant at first, as I am not a huge ravioli eater but I thought what the heck...my purchase will go to supporting our local vendors, right?!

The Pasta Wench people are located west of Raleigh, situated in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Boone NC and Swannanoa, NC. This was their first time out to the market so I am glad I stumbled upon them. Their pasta is all natural, organic and gourmet; 95% of the ingredients are from NC organic growers. Some of their other products include: all-natural gourmet Fettuccini, Cavatelli, and Spaghetti, as well as homemade gourmet sauces to accompany them. Gluten free pastas are also available.

The portobello, asiago & vidalia flavor I decided to try was exceptionally flavorful. I wasn't sure the best way to cook them [remember, not quite the ravioli-kinda-gal] so I asked the guy at the stand and he said simply serve them in an olive oil and cracked pepper coat. I did just that! He was right;
...the ravioli [on their own] have tons of flavors especially from the bold asiago cheese! With the slightest coat of olive oil and crack of pepper it was a very pleasing meal. Along side I served some sautéed veggies! It was a quick, ready in 10 minutes, no-prep necessary week night meal!

Want to try a Pasta Wench product? visit pastawench.com...they'll ship in time for your next dinner party or weeknight meal!

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